Mother’s Brewing Company – Winter Grind


It’s the last post of the year and I’m off to Colorado for New Year’s Eve. I opened this coffee stout to sip on while putzing around in my robe (and avoiding packing my suitcase).

While I was a stoked for a coffee stout, it was a wee bit thinner than I had hoped. It kind of looked like I was pouring watery Dr. Pepper into a glass but I failed to see that it was only 6% ABV soooo….

On the bright side, it did not dumb down the coffee flavor.  While I was a little disappointed in the richness of the booze, I think it is a fine beer for only 6%. I think if you’re into iced coffee, this is probably a good choice.

Drinking: Mother’s Brewing Company Winter Grind, Springfield MO, 6% ABV

Wearing: Spell & The Gypsy Collective Kimono (sold out but click for website)

Evil Twin – Yang



The mate to the Yin stout is the Yang Imperial (or double) IPA.  I tried them both separately and then combined them to make a black & tan as instructed by the label.  The Yang was, as expected, super bitter and you could tell it was a 10% beer. I was responsible and shared this one with a friend. The black & tan wasn’t a bad idea and it took the hop sting off the IPA.

Overall, I enjoyed the stout more but the Yin & Yang idea was a super cool marketing concept.  Big fan of Evil Twin’s branding in general.

Drinking: Evil Twin Yang Imperial IPA, Brooklyn NY

Wearing: Truly Madly Deeply V-Neck Slouch Pocket Tee from Urban Outfitters, $24

Evil Twin – Yin


Evil Twin made a Yin beer and a Yang beer to be enjoyed on their own or together in a black-and-tan-eque cocktail.

The Yin was great! It has a malty and chocolatey taste and I served it 10-15 minutes after I removed it from the fridge. I don’t think stouts need to be super cold…

Drinking: Evil Twin Yin Imperial Stout, Brooklyn NY

Wearing: Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Urban Outfitters, $110

2 Ingredient Hair Mask


One of the best hair masks I’ve ever used came from a Pinterest suggestion of using egg yolks as a masks.

Conveniently, I trash a ton of egg yolks when I make breakfast. Dont! Save your egg yolks!   Put them in a container and return them to your fridge.

Before shampooing & conditioning, try this:  Add one egg yolk to melted coconut oil (one heaping tablespoon microwaved for around 30 seconds) and apply to your hair ends first.  Try to avoid your roots and don’t leave the mask on past 10 minutes.  I leave the mask on for only 5 minutes because my somewhat fine hair will become greasy.

This combination adds so much shine and manageability to my hair.  Super simple and inexpensive too.

Christmas Bomb


It’s the first day of December and I can’t think of a more perfect beer to celebrate. It’s officially stout season and this one finishes like a gingerbread cookie with 11% ABV. So into it.  We just made it through the first ice storm of the season and I might need to pick more up before the next one.

Drinking: 2015 Christmas Bomb by Prairie Artisan Ales. Tulsa, OK.

Wearing: Women’s Boyfriend Plaid Flannel Shirt by Old Navy, $30.