To Øl – Sort Mælk


This Russian Imperial Stout will knock your socks off.

The first time I tried it, I definitely noticed how unique it was but perhaps wasn’t in the mood for such an aggressive flavor. I appreciated this beer so much more the second time around because I knew what to expect. I love it for the smokiness of the scotch barrels that this milk stout is aged in. It has a high SRM, it’s super dark, and it has a very cool roasty, boozy, vanilla taste.

I think this is one of those stouts that puts a little hair on your chest.  A great beer for the winter.  Must stock up!

Drinking: To Øl, Sort Maelk Imperial Milk Stout Aged in Scotch Oak Barrels. Ellon, Scotland.

Wearing: American Apparel Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Track Shirt, $22.

Epic Brewing Co. – Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout


“If you buy one beer from Epic, it has to be Big Bad….uh, something. Big Bad Something,” were the wise words from a coworker when I came back from vacation.  Luckily, I did bring home this faaaantastic stout flavored with cocoa nibs and coffee.  It’s aged in whiskey barrels and is 11.5% AVB.

Epic Brewing Company is based out of Utah but they opened a cool Tap Room/Brew Pub in Denver.  We tried some barrel aged sours but this one stole the show.  A ton of coffee. A ton of chocolate.  Soon they are releasing Son of a Baptist which is brewed with different regional coffees.  The only thing I was disappointed in was myself for not bringing home a few more.

Drinking: Epic Brewing Company, Big Bad Baptist. Salt Lake City, UT.

Wearing: Courier Shirt in Orsa Print by Madewell $69.

Mikkeller – Spontanrosehip


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!  I saved this precious pink bottle for Love Day…and because it matched my dress.

Spontanrosehip is a sour ale aged with rose hips and aged in oak barrels.  It didn’t get raving reviews but I loved it.  It was tart but you could definitely taste the rose notes coming through.  It was perfect for V Day.

Drinking: Spontanrosehip by Mikkeller. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wearing: Lorraina Crochet Mini Dress by Nasty Gal, $88.

A Color Story App


Last week I tried the #acolorweek challenge which was in celebration of fellow bloggers, A Beautiful Mess, launching their new photo editing app A Color Story. Although I missed out on red day, it was a fun experiment.

The full app with all of the filters and accessories is $8. Somewhat steep for an app but if you are like me and perfect every photo before posting, it’s worth it. My favorites are the “Chroma” pack, the black & white Photo Booth filter in the “Vintage” pack, and the color fog options.  I used the pink color fog with the photo of the elephant.  Pretty neat.

I love how it made my Instagram grid look like a rainbow.  I like it so much, I’m thinking about trying to keep up the theme.  Good thing beer labels come in all colors…

COOP Ale Works- Alpha Hive Double IPA



This beer, like COOP’s F5 IPA, is polarizing.  Some people love it and stockpile cases.  Others complain to no end that it’s too sweet…

Well, it is sweet. It has a LOT of honey in it. I like Alpha Hive because it’s strong and it’s full-flavored. I prefer to drink it on a patio, often splitting the pint with a friend because the ABV can knock me over.

Alpha Hive Double IPA is made with orange blossom honey out of California and Citra hops. It’s only available in the spring so get it while you can…

Drinking: Alpha Hive by COOP Ale Works. Oklahoma City, OK. 9.1%ABV

Wearing: Striped T-Shirt by H&M, $9.

Boulevard Brewing Co. – Imperial Stout with Tart Cherries


I love stout season.  I love binge watching X-Files at night with a wine glass of dark, boozy beer.  It’s really nice to take a break from IPAs and sipping on something at a warmer temp.

Made by our northern neighbors, this beer is easy to find in OKC liquor stores.  I like the tart cherry and chocolate notes which make this beer a great night cap. It’s an 11% so I shared the bottle.

Drinking: Boulevard Brewing Company 2015 Imperial Stout X: Tart Cherry. Kansas City, MO.

Wearing: Dress by Urban Outfitters (old).