Dogfish Head – Festina Pêche


Here is a kiss to one of my favorite summer beers, Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche.  Fair warning, I’m completely biased about peach beers. They are my guilty pleasure.  Hand me any peach beer, even one you might find disgusting and I’ll guarantee you I’ll enjoy it. This one though…I really enjoyed it, and not in a guilty-Taco-Bell-at-2am way.

What’s a Berliner Weissbier?  Well, it’s a bottle fermented wheat beer that often has a bit of tartness to it. Guess where that type of beer is from?  Oh. Okay, yeah. That one was easy. Berlin.

Drinking: Dogfish Head, Festina Peche. Milton, DE.

Wearing: Old H&M top from last summer. $9.

To Øl – Garden of Eden


This beer was BEAUTIFUL. It’s an “ale brewed with guava, papaya, mango, passion fruit, and apricots”. Total tropical bomb with a light color and lots of frothy head when you pour.

This beer is best enjoyed while on a patio in the sunshine.  I’m so excited to turn people onto this beer.  It’s positively delightful. Bonus points for being available in Oklahoma.

Drinking: To Øl Garden of Eden. Lochristi-hijfte, Belgium.

Wearing: Dress by Target, $25.

Crooked Stave – Nightmare on Brett


Ohhhh this beer was cool. Nightmare on Brett is a “dark sour ale aged in Leopold Bros. whiskey barrels with cherries”.

It’s a weird, dark sour.  It’s boozy and you can smell the whiskey barrels but the cherry flavor is really bold.  I was really pleased by how fruity this darker beer was.

Drinking: Nightmare on Brett by Crooked Stave. Denver, CO.

Wearing: Claudia Top by Show Me Your Mumu, $114  and Carlos Swing Shorts by Show Me Your Mumu, $94.

Cedar Creek Brewery – Dankosaurus


Hands down. This is my favorite IPA besides the COOP Ale Works F5.

It’s a juicy, hoppy, west coast style IPA with lots of tropical notes. The bartender who served me my first Dankosaurus raved about how much it smelled like weed.  Perhaps I’m immune to the smell because I work in a brewery (or perhaps I listened to too much Phish in college) but it just smelled like a super fresh IPA to me. Nothing skunky. One of the most delightful IPAs I’ve ever had. BUY SOME.

Drinking: Dankosaurus by Cedar Creek Brewery. Seven Points, TX.

Wearing: Crop Top and Faux Suede Mini Skirt by Forever21.

Praire Artisan Ales – Coffee Okie


Giving some love to Oklahoma beer this week.  Coffee Okie is killer! It’s an imperial brown ale aged in whiskey barrels with coffee added.  I can’t describe it any better than that.  It’s boozy. It’s coffee-y. It didn’t have the malty profile of a stout BUT I would throw it into the “dark, winter, boozy” beer category that I’ve been exploring this season. It’s a definite sipper with a high ABV.

In regards to my red flannel thing, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  I lived in it during my Colorado trip and I wear it to work over a t-shirt & jeans maybe once a week. I found it at The Impeccable Pig in Classen Curve.

Drinking: Coffee Okie by Prairie Artisan Ales. Tulsa, OK.

Wearing: Flannel Kimono from The Impeccable Pig, $50-ish.