Dogfish Head – Festina Pêche


Here is a kiss to one of my favorite summer beers, Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche.  Fair warning, I’m completely biased about peach beers. They are my guilty pleasure.  Hand me any peach beer, even one you might find disgusting and I’ll guarantee you I’ll enjoy it. This one though…I really enjoyed it, and not in a guilty-Taco-Bell-at-2am way.

What’s a Berliner Weissbier?  Well, it’s a bottle fermented wheat beer that often has a bit of tartness to it. Guess where that type of beer is from?  Oh. Okay, yeah. That one was easy. Berlin.

Drinking: Dogfish Head, Festina Peche. Milton, DE.

Wearing: Old H&M top from last summer. $9.