Epic Brewing Company – Brainless on Peaches


What’s this?  Another peach beer?  You bet your ass it is. And you’re going to see more on the blog all summer long.

And this one is killer and also high in alcohol content (11%). Epic’s Brainless on Peaches is a Belgian-style ale with peach puree added and aged in French chardonnay barrels.  Hello!

Drinking: Epic Brewing Company, Brainless on Peaches Belgian-Style Ale. Salt Lake City, UT.

Wearing: Romper (from 3 years ago) from Nasty Gal.

Spicy Roasted Corn

Corn 1

This is a super easy side dish and the ingredients cost less than $3.  I used 1 can of corn, half a lime, a couple slices of jalapeno, and taco seasoning.

In a pan, melt butter at medium-high heat (on a scale from 1 to 10, use a 6 or 7).  While it’s melting, rinse the corn in a colander then add a couple of spoonfuls of taco seasoning to the corn. If you don’t have a package of taco seasoning, you can use a mix of cumin, garlic salt and chili powder.

Throw the corn in the pan with a couple of diced jalapeno slices.  If it doesn’t look like it’s browning on that heat level, turn it up a little bit to an 8. When the corn was looking nice and roasted, it started popping out of the pan.  Kind of fun. Kind of painful if it landed on you. Should take 15 minutes or less.

Squeeze half a lime over the corn and serve!

Corn 2


Oskar Blues Comes to Oklahoma

Oskar Blues Cans.JPG

Welcome to Oklahoma, Oskar Blues!  There was a lot of excitement around being the, what, 47th or 48th state to finally get OB beer.

I have to be honest, I hate the graphic design and packaging.  I can’t pin point the theme but I think it’s “white trash stoner humor”…But damn are they consistent with their branding.  Everything from their cans to their posters to their Tap Rooms is consistent and that’s what really matters.  They do a great job.

These beers are…fine.  They really are. Pinner is incredibly easy to drink but I think the blue IPA is more popular with my group of friends. My favorite, Death By Coconut, hasn’t arrived in Oklahoma yet.  Stay tuned…

The Lost Abbey – Box Set Track #8 – Number Of The Beast


The Lost Abbey can do not wrong (although Ten Commandments isn’t necessarily my jam). This beer is a quad with a taste of cinnamon, raisons, and maybe figs? Some kind of non-tropical fruit that’s for sure. It was a bourbon-y treat.

Drinking: The Lost Abbey – Box Set Track #8 – Number of the Beast. San Marcos, CA.

Wearing: Janis Tunic by Jen’s Pirate Booty. $115.