Cruelty Free Hair – R+Co


It’s hard to find good beauty products that legitimately work and aren’t cruelty free.  R+Co has been around a few years but I just now started to invest in the line this year.

It was hard to spend $25 on a bottle of shampoo.  Really hard.  But it’s also hard to watch videos of what animals go through when companies test products on them. I want that to end and I want to support brands that are cruelty-free.

So my love affair with R+Co was born because of my bleeding heart and because I was out of shampoo and conditioner when I went in for my 6-week highlight appointment.  My stylist suggested the Gemstone Color Shampoo & Conditioner which have a nice fragrance.  The cute packaging is a pluss.

My real favorites have been the Pinstripe and the Park Ave.  Pinstripe is a good detangler and smoother. Park Ave makes blowdrying my naturally curly hair much easier.  I don’t need to run my brush through my hair so many times because the balm really takes hold and helps straighten.  Tinsel is a great smoothing oil that you can use before and after blowdrying.  I like to use it as a moisturizer on lazy days when I don’t want to wash my hair or style it.  I rub it on the ends and braid or put my hair into a bun.

The next product I want to try is Dallas thickening spray ($28).  It does the same thing as the volume mousse I have (but the bottle I’m trying to use up is tested on animals).  Once it’s empty, I’m definitely switching to Dallas.