No Label Brewing Company – Strawberry Blonde Ale


Another fruit beer!

No Label Brewing Company is based out of Katy, Texas and I know absolutely nothing about it.  Hopefully, after I travel to Texas next month, I’ll be a little more informed.  This was my first strawberry ale in a while (a lot of breweries tend to stick with peaches and raspberries).

This beer didn’t retain a lot of head but it was very smooth.  It was a little orangey, lighter colored than in the photo, but I had to use a filter to bring out the pink in the label. For some reason the lighting in my house washed it (and me) out…that’s what I get for wearing peach on beige…

Anyway, the point is:  I can’t say this beer had a lot of flavor but my BREATH smelled like strawberries, which was pleasant as hell.