Cascade Brewing – Blackcap Raspberry


SO EXCITED TO OPEN THIS.  I flew this home in my suitcase from their tap room in Portland.  I need to blog about my Hop School experience…I’ll make a note of that.  Expect a post about that soon.

So. Cascade Beers.  They’re expertly crafted with copious amounts of fruit and tartness.  They’re expensive and not available in Oklahoma which makes me even more excited about them.  Blackcap Raspberry is juicy, sour, and the most gorgeous dark pink color.  It has so much berry flavor that it should be considered a healthfood.

I recommend drinking this beer alone so you can taste every drop.  If not, I would pair it with chicken or flakey white fish so you don’t overpower this beer. Stay away from garlic.

PS: You may have noticed that I cut my hair off.  It was just too hot in Oklahoma to blow-dry long hair (it was also dead AF) and I’m glad the 90’s triangle-head, single-layer look is back.  It’s quite easy to achieve in this humidity.