Avery Brewing Co. – Pump[KY]n


Happy Halloween!  I saved this beer review all year for today.  Pump[KY]n from Avery is delicious and dense.  It’s a bourbon barrel-aged pumpkin porter with a 15% ABV.  This is a pumpkin pie dessert in a bottle and the perfect booze to drink for All Hallows Eve.

Confession: I had my mind in the gutter for weeks and thought the “KY” in the name had to do with something other than the abbreviation for Kentucky (because of the bourbon barrels). Blonde moment.

My lipstick is from Stila and is available here.

Santa Fe Brewing Company – Adobe Igloo


FINALLY.  Some cool weather.  It’s nowhere near “cold” in Oklahoma but I’m stoked that I don’t have to work in a 95 degree tap room.

Adobe Igloo is a Winter Ale brewed with cacao and chile.  It’s not spicy but you do taste the flavor of the chiles. It’s on the malty side and pours a pretty brown color.   This guy will be available soon after Oktoberfest.  Also, how cute is this can?  I want it in quilt-form.

Wearing: An old Free People sweatshirt with a low-back.  Here’s something current and similar.