Avery Brewing Company – Mephistopheles


Let’s address the elephant in the room, my entirely different hair.  Nope. Not a wig.  I just dyed it brown and got hair extensions.  I’ll be posting about extensions care & styling tips since I have a lot of experience with them (I had 18-20″ platinum blonde extensions in 2014…that was a trip).

So back to the beer. I’m reviewing the 2016 Mephistopheles and, Jesus, I just didn’t like it.  It had a sharp aftertaste and didn’t drink like a nice smooth stout.  It didn’t even have the same aftertaste as a nice BOOZY stout.  Didn’t finish the bottle, but that’s okay. Avery makes really great beers like Liliko’i Kepolo and The Maharaja.  I just have no idea why this one is so famous. Oh well…