A Very Cool Wedding Present – Brewery in a Box by Northern Brewer


I’m sitting here drinking bourbon…because my beer is still fermenting!

My uncle and cousin really knocked it out of the park with this wedding present.  On Sunday, Carter and I brewed our first beer, an IPA, and I have to say it was extremely easy with the Northern Brewer Home Brew Kit.  And by easy, I meant self-explanatory. I didn’t say it was without about 30 steps and a lot of measuring and sanitizing, but it was easy to understand and the kit literally has everything you could possibly need in it sans a kettle.  We didn’t have a stock pot large enough to mash in, so we just divided the hot-side ingredients between two big pasta pots.  But that was fine!

I’ll pick one of those up when our next beer recipe kit arrives.  I bet it’s a stout; it’s starting to become stout-weather outside…