So I Tried Oklahoma Wine…

IMG_6563Did you know that (under current law) you can buy wine in Oklahoma on Sundays?  You sure can.  I was in a pinch while hosting a Sunday night dinner party and tried out Waters Edge Winery.  Oklahoma breweries are booming but Oklahoma wineries don’t get as much press.  I think we don’t give them as much credit because we see wine as something more sophisticated and harder to produce than beer, which isn’t very fair for two reasons.  For one, Beer IS hard to make.  Beer IS sophisticated.  And secondly, how is a business supposed to get better without customers investing in it? Oklahoma CAN make sophisticated products.  I have faith in the makers of this state.

But back to Oklahoma wine…I tried to answer some frequently asked questions about it.

  1.  Is Oklahoma wine good?  –  Well. It isn’t bad. We tried Concerto, a white wine, which was almost too tropical.  Had I been drinking this wine on its own or with some fruit and not with a heavy Indian dish, I think I would have enjoyed it more.  We needed something more dry.  We also tried Excabular which was decent.  It’s a medium body red wine with grapes from the Yakima Valley (which happens to be the Mecca of beer hops).  It went well with the meat dish.  But don’t take my review as the word of God.  I know way more about beer.
  2. Is Oklahoma wine cheap?  – Eh, no.  It’s not expensive either. A bottle of Oklahoma wine costs around $20.
  3. Where are Oklahoma wineries?  –  They’re all over the state.  You can find a list of Oklahoma wineries here.
  4. Where to Oklahoma wineries get their grapes?  –  It depends on the winery.  Indian Creek Village Winery & Village Inn has their own vineyard but others fly in their ingredients.  Don’t turn your nose up at that though.  Oklahoma breweries RARELY use local ingredients besides the water.
  5. Should I drink Oklahoma wine?  Uh, yeah.  Buying locally is one of the best things you can do for your community.  Grow where you are planted.

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  1. Stayed at Sparks Winery and enjoyed a release party, sampling several of their wines. All excellent. Here! here! on buying local!!


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